Evolve Display Systems

Divine by design.

We are very proud here at Dennis Higgins Jewelry to announce our new revolutionary jewelry display racks - sculpted out of in house scrap metals - that takes your home and personal accessories and turns it into a eye popping piece of modern art!

Black Lives Matter Collection

Join our Fundraiser!

You have the opportunity to represent a powerful movement with your purchase. 30% of all proceeds will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network. More Pendants and Rings available in our full collection below. Shop now!

Wearable art emerges from my love of form in nature…



Dennis Higgins Jewelry Studio

217 Pitcher Lane

Red Hook, New York

Mon - Fri : 10am - 6:30pm
Saturday : 11am - 6:30pm
Sunday : Closed

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Everyday casual but always chic.

Rochelle Redfield

I was Dennis's apprentice for about a year and I can attest to his process first hand. The jewelry he makes starts as a lump of rough metal. Every chain link, every facet of a plate necklace, every curve of every bracelet band is 100% made by hand. You're paying for expert craftsmanship when you buy from him. 

Christian Golon

Added pleasure accessories with strong character.