Mens stuff

In my fine art collection of sculptural jewelry I strive to enhance the elegant and feminine in a piece of wearable art. Then I found I wanted to do something similar for men and the masculine ideal. That’s how I came to design classic biker jewelry.

I was looking for a bracelet for myself ,and I couldn’t find one that I really liked so I started playing with stainless steel. I combined silver and bronze and there it was: suddenly a collection emerged and grew exponentially. I developed shapes to add to the chain I was using. Stainless steel when textured and colored properly becomes an exquisite gunmetal color, and it holds that color for years. It sings when the colored textured chain is combined with silver and bronze. So by combining various chains and various shapes in different combinations I came up with a great collection for men.
Depending upon the size and cut of the chains and the objects I hang from the chains, I found can develop these pieces for men or women. All the characters shapes and parts I’ve designed can be hung separately on a chain or incorporated into a length of chain allowing an enormous amount of variety. I've done arrowheads, skulls, nuggets, wolves, coyotes, wild boars and infinity symbols. Natural is the only inspiration.

Bikers loved what I was doing and I decided to do some more critters some badass shapes that are aggressive and bold. They brought a new sculptural element to my men's collection. There are eagles heads, bird skulls, a human skull with a voodoo hat, claws, and talons and there's always more to come. These are cast in silver, yellow bronze and white bronze and offered at various price points. They command attention with great weight, scale and presence and bring a masculine edge to the entire group.