The collection is everyday casual yet always chic…

perfect bangles, cuffs and chain silhouettes with an array of textures accented with gems mix, match and layer for a very captivating look that draws on architectural statements.

This is sculpture for the body -

These are ultimate designs, crafted bold , luxe and able to add that necessary finishing touch to any outfit for any occasion

It is recasting jewelry into the realm of art

Redefining sculpture to be worn with the embrace of comfort

It is textured with exuberant finishes.

It unleashes the personal power of bold scale

A celebration of metal and stone

Wonderful design that looks good must also feel great when worn.

It’s about the blackest black in a cuff when worn with a diamond bracelet that provides an exuberance of high design.

It’s about craftsmanship and the celebration of beauty in a piece of jewelry,

It’s so important for a piece of jewelry to speak to the one wearing it,

to scream beauty and whisper comfort

Nature is the only inspiration.

Water rippling over rocks becomes an exciting texture when viewed as abstract planes of light.

A craggy cliff can become a base texture that creates the edgy esthetic in a piece of jewelry.

Wearable art emerges from my love of form in nature…

It’s much more than a little piece of jewelry…

It is an artistic statement. It’s sculpture to wear.



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